Learn More About Autism

Learn More About Autism

Autism is a condition that's common in children, with roughly one in 100 kids having this issue. At Valle Verde Pediatrics, serving Poway, CA, and the nearby region, Dr. Nathan Rendler and Dr. Kuangkai Tai treat this condition. But, it's important for you to know the symptoms to get your child the care necessary.

General Information

Autism is classified as a developmental disability. It's a neurological disorder that affects how a person communicates and connects with others. Besides autism, other conditions may be categorized as autism as well, including Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, and childhood disintegrative disorder. 

A child with autism may develop symptoms during the first year of age, which is most common. However, a small number of kids may have a normal development during the first year without any signs of a delay. Then, they'll go through a period of regression when they're between 1.5 and two years old. At this point, they'll start exhibiting symptoms. 

Someone with autism may either be high functioning or low functioning. 


Sometimes, a kid with autism may not make eye contact during infancy. They might not respond to their names. It's possible they'll also be indifferent to their caregiver. It's also possible they won't start talking during this time. For some kids, they may become aggressive or withdrawn. You might notice your kid performing the same behavior over and over, such as pacing or rocking. 

While not all children have difficulty learning, some will exhibit signs of lower-than-average intelligence. Some, on the other hand, have higher-than-normal intelligence. But, these children will often learn quickly but struggle to communicate or apply their knowledge or skills. 

It's possible for a child with autism to be overly fixated on one subject. A kid may struggle with change. 

Children with autism may have difficulty following directions. Social situations could be challenging, and the child won't know how to react. 

Treating Autism

At our Poway, CA, office, we'll talk to you and your child and monitor him or her. We take all this into consideration when diagnosing your kid. Then, we'll recommend a treatment approach to manage symptoms and improve his or her quality of life despite autism.  

Dr. Rendler and Dr. Tai at Valle Verde Pediatrics, serving Poway, CA, and the general vicinity, can help your child if he or she has autism. We'll create a customized treatment plan to optimize your child's skills and assist him or her in living a better life.

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