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The Importance of Well Visits

Well visits can play an essential role in helping kids maintain good health. When children see a pediatrician regularly, the doctor can monitor health and development to make sure kids are on track. Health recommendations can be made based on the specific needs of your child, such as when certain vaccines are due. Dr. Nathan Rendler and Dr. Kuangkai Tai, the skilled and caring pediatricians at Valle Verde Pediatrics in Poway, CA, offer well visits to keep your kids healthy.

Pediatric Well Visits 

Well visits are health and wellness checkups with a pediatrician. The frequency with which a child needs a well visit depends on age. Babies and toddlers typically need to see the pediatrician every few weeks or months, while older kids only need a well visit once each year. The knowledgeable pediatrician at our Poway, CA, pediatric office can determine how often your kids need to come in for a well visit.

A key component of pediatric well visits is a physical examination to assess health, growth and development. Two things commonly checked during the physical exam are height and weight. Other components of the physical exam include a check of blood pressure, heart rate, lungs/breathing and reflexes, as well as the eyes, ears and nose.

Well visits are important for many reasons. By allowing the doctor to monitor growth and development, well visits contribute to better overall health for kids. Regular visits give the pediatrician a chance to identify potential health or development concerns early on so they can be addressed before becoming more serious. 

Vaccinations & Immunizations  

Vaccinations and immunizations are another important component of well visits. Our skilled pediatric team can help ensure your child is up to date with essential vaccinations. Vaccines protect children against certain diseases and illnesses by helping their bodies develop immunity, which prevents kids from contracting and spreading these conditions. We adhere to the vaccination and immunization schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Scheduling regular well visits with a pediatrician is extremely important for ensuring better overall health for your child. For a pediatrician in Poway, CA, contact Valle Verde Pediatrics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rendler or Dr. Tai by calling at (858) 487-8333.

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